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La Cantina Ristorante Italiano in Hamilton, Ontario

About Us

La Cantina's co-founder and Executive Chef, Maurizio Grande, was born in a small rural community in Molise, Italy in 1963. As the youngest of four boys, and opportunities scarce, life was often difficult as a youngster. However, a big dream was brewing…. 

At fourteen, Maurizio Grande left home to find work in the famous, tourist ski resorts of Roccaraso, Abruzzo, Italy. He began working as kitchen help under some great stewardship at the popular "Hotel Dina,” but the dream of prosperity in America was insatiable. Leaving his parents and one brother behind, he made a difficult, yet exciting, decision to join his newly immigrated older brothers in Canada. In 1979, at the age of fifteen, Hamilton had become home for Chef Maurizio. 

Chef Grande 60 Walnut South, downtown Hamilton district
Authentic Italian dining experiences in Hamilton, ON

In 1986, the humble beginnings of La Cantina Ristorante emerged on the west side of Hamilton, in a quaint location off Queen Street. Tirelessly and full of passion, Maurizio worked towards his dream, starting to build La Cantina’s recipes for success with business partner and mentor, Gilda.

After much toil, great patrons, and a little Italian spice, this location eventually outgrew the city's demand for wholesome food, and in the winter of 1994, La Cantina created a new home at 60 Walnut South, in the heart of the downtown Hamilton district. And the rest, as they say, is history....
We mention all of this history and background to our restaurant because without it, we would not be the same. We are well aware that a great restaurant does not happen by accident, nor can you throw money into one and expect it to flourish. We hope that when you walk through our doors, you can see this long history from the way we say hello, to the way we see you out. 

So please give us a call for a reservation, or if you are in the neighbourhood come on in for one of the most genuine and authentic dining experiences in all of Hamilton, Ontario! 
Assistant Executive Chef, John Taubenberger & Executive Chef, Maurizio Grande

" Where to eat in Canada" Since 1998 

La Cantina is not your typical Hamilton fine dining Italian restaurant. We are a family owned, family run restaurant. Decisions made here are always done with the objective of taking care of our regular customers, as well as continually creating new regular customers. 
We do not do that with heavy advertising budgets or biased media write-ups – we do it with good old-fashioned hard work. We are proud to tell our customers that we are the best Italian restaurant in Hamilton and quite honestly, we are convincing people every day!

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