Ristorante Italiano downtown Hamilton, Walnut St

All of our grilled meats are prepared with a new state-of-the-art cooking technology ~ the infra-red method. This latest cooking technology allows the intense radiant energy to quickly penetrate meat and cook from the inside out, locking in natural juices.
The best steakhouses in North America are embracing this technology.

At La Cantina, we are proud to bring to our patrons our commitment to quality along with this innovative cooking style. 

Buon Appetito!
Earth to Table Dining
Gluten free, Vegetarian and Vegan options available 
In the mood for gourmet pizza? Don’t just settle for the nearest pizza place, indulge in the best pizza and panins in Hamilton! Fresh toppings, homemade dough, all cooked to perfection in our authentic wood-burning pizza oven. Don’t miss our Retro Pizza Tuesdays! When it comes to pizza deals, our ‘80s prices can’t be beat!

Our Menu

Chefs Maurizio accompanies his secondi dishes with a fresh daily creation of complimentary starch and vegetables.

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